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Panel mount LED for EPC (Charge point controller)

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Panel mount External LED kit compatible with Ecoharmony EV's EPC and EPC 2.0. 

Kits come with panel mount LED and connectors required for the different generation of EPC charge controllers 

Can be used to make status indication of the EVSE more easily visible. The external LED is powered directly from our EPC (no additional PSU required) and mirrors the EPC's internal LED functionality. 

Key Features

  • Powered directly from EPC
  • Mirrors status of EPC LED
  • RGB  tri-colour + white  LED 
  • Compact
  • Metal (Stainless steel)
  • Waterproof IP67 
  • 12V dc  
  • ≤20mA
  • Common Anode  or  Common Cathode depending on EPC generation (see below )

The EPC and EPC 2.0 use slightly different LED's so please ensure you select the correct LED for your EPC:

EPC (E32T32, E32F32, E32T35 etc.) = Common Cathode 

EPC 2.0 (EPC20L10, EPC20B10 etc.) = Common Anode 


Note: EPC 2.0 Kit includes additional pre-crimped wire harness with JST connector for easier external LED connection. (when using an External LED with an EPC 2.0, remove EPC light pipe and pass wires through existing aperture before connecting to LED)  

Viridian EV Panel Mount LED
Regular price £9.45
Regular price Sale price £9.45