Our EVSE Controllers

The EVSE Protocol Controller (EPC) products are a range of EVSE controllers for AC EV chargers that enable Mode 3 charging in accordance with IEC 61851. They are the intelligent component of a charge point assembly, which provides communication between an EV and a charge point as well as to back-office and access control devices, depending on the application.

Ecoharmony designs and manufactures these controllers in the UK and supply directly to OEMs globally. They are also available to buy from our store for smaller projects.

EVSE Controller EPC 1.0 EPC 2.0 Lite EPC 2.0 Plus EPC 3.0
Part number E32T35 EPC20L10 EPC20P10 EPC30
Integrated PSU
External LED support
Supports Tethered cable outlet
Supports Socket outlet
Toggle between 16A and 32A
Supports solenoid or motor lock mechanism
Configurable current (hardware)
Configurable current (software)
Support for RCM
PEN Loss detection
MODBUS over RS485
Supply Optimisation
Load Management
RFID access control support
OCPP 1.6j
Microgeneration support

EPC 1.0

The EPC 1.0 was the first generation of 35mm wide DIN rail mounted EVSE controllers brought to market around 2015. Many of these earlier variants have been discontinued and superseded by later generations, but a Tethered only variant exists to provide a low-cost solution for up to 22kW AC tethered cable charge points that do not require smart functionality or connectivity options found in the later generations.

Operating Manual

EPC 2.0

The EPC 2.0 builds on the success of the 1st generation EVSE Controller and introduces connectivity options and additional configurable features in the same 35mm wide DIN rail module. These include support for a Residual Current Monitor (RCM), PEN Loss detection, supply optimisation and MODBUS over RS485 which help manufacturers and installers cost-effectively meet regulations.

Additional Electrical Safety Features

  • RCM Support to detect DC leakage currents of >6mA, which allows the use of a RCD Type A instead of RCD Type B in the charging system
  • PEN Loss Detection system will disconnect all live conductors and PE conductor in the event of a failure/loss of the PEN conductor in the distribution network


Operating Manual

EPC 3.0

The EPC 3.0 is our most advanced EVSE controller and your gateway to effortless smart EV charging.

It features all the protection mechanisms of EPC 2.0 whilst adding OCPP 1.6j in an industry leading compact form. EPC 3.0 offers smart charging functionality including load management, user access control and back-office integrations for remote scheduling and energy monitoring.

The load management capabilities, which can be configured both locally and remotely, protect against overcurrent and optimise the power distribution in a multi-charge point system.

The EPC 3.0 EVSE controller is the ideal technology solution for creating a smart EV charge point, whether for domestic or commercial applications.

  • Local & remote load management capabilities 
  • RFID access control support (local and remote configuration) 
  • OCPP 1.6j 
  • WiFi - 802.11 b/g/n
  • Modbus over RS485

Bespoke OEM Integrations and solutions

Where needed, we've collaborated with OEM partners to develop custom firmware and specialized functionalities precisely aligned with their application requirements—ensuring cost-effectiveness without compromising project scalability. Our expertise, skills and close-working relationship with our suppliers enables the agility needed to make bespoke OEM integrations a reality.