Charging ahead with smarter solutions

Established in 2015, Ecoharmony is dedicated to providing cutting-edge technologies and products for electric vehicle charging that are reliable, smart and sustainable.

Our goal is to support the drive towards a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable future by making electric vehicles (EVs) accessible and appealing to everyone through innovative charging solutions.

Charging Solutions

Ecoharmony develops products and services for charge point manufacturers and charge point operators as well as distributing a range of ancillary products for installers and consumers in the EV charging market:

EVSE Controllers: we design and manufacture control modules for AC Mode 3 charge points
EV Charge Points: we design and manufacture fully assembled AC Mode 3 charge points
Cable Preparation: we can prepare large volumes of connectors and cable to support your production effort and growth
• Charging cables, charging accessories, electrical protection and power distribution

We have a unique approach when working with OEMs to find and tailor a solution that works for you. Integrating with platforms you specific and aligning functionalities with your requirements to ensure cost-effective solutions.