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EVSE Protocol Controller (EPC) 2.0 Lite

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The EcoHarmony EPC 2.0 Lite is an entry level option in the EPC 2.0 family of EVSE controllers. It is the same form-factor DIN rail mounted module designed for IEC 61851 compliant EV charge points, but simplified for certain applications.
The 35mm wide module can support 1 charging outlet; either a socket outlet or a tethered cable, and has an option for 6mA DC leakage detection that help charge point manufacturers and installers meet regulations in a cost-effective way. The IC input allows for configurable charging current as well as enabling access control expansion options with other hardware, including impulse signals to enable charging. It has an internal status indicator LED and support for an external LED.
It's the smaller brother of the EPC 2.0 Basic version

Additional Safety Features

DC Sensor / RCM Support (Western Automation RCM14-01 supplied as optional extra) - The EPC 2.0 has support for DC leakage protection and will detect DC currents of 6mA or greater, disabling the charging session and making the equipment safe,

Configurable options

The EPC 2.0 comes as a single stock option, with configurable features listed below selected on a 6 way DIP switch accessed under the lid/front face of the device.
  • Configurable for Tethered or Socket outlets
  • Configurable for 16A or 32A max system operating currents
  • Configurable for solenoid or motor locking systems
  • Configurable for lock feedback or no lock feedback
  • Configurable for RCM or No RCM
  • Configurable charging current in 1A increments between 6A and system maximum (either 16A or 32A)
Summary of key features
  • Mains input (207—257V @ 50 Hz AC)
  • 1 internal relay (230V AC ) for switching the EV contactor
  • Solenoid or motor interlock drive for socket locking mechanisms
  • 35mm DIN rail mount
  • Dimensions:
    • Height: 90mm
    • Width: 36mm (2 modules)
    • Depth (when mounted on a DIN rail): 57mm
  • The LED status indicator protrudes 2mm from the front face.
  • Operating/charging current configuration - voltage, resistor, variable resistor
  • Impulse or short input for access control via additional hardware 
  • External status indicator LED support

EPC Manual available here
Useful information on retrofitting into older chargers is available here
EVSE Protocol Controller (EPC) 2.0 Lite
Regular price £97.00
Regular price Sale price £97.00

Customer Reviews

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Best charging controller ever

We bought hundreds of EPC2.0 (and predecessor models) and build customized chargers, and absolutely love it. It is small, easy to fit to electric cabinet, has integrated power supply, and flexible at configuration. We build a DLB unit for the Ecoharmony chargers, and works well with these controllers too.

Simple Replacement Controller

I ordered this unit after asking Ecoharmony for advice on the correct version for replacing my Rolec unit. They told me that using this unit meant I could keep the same LED, as long as I ordered the external LED cable.