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EVSE Protocol Controller (EPC) 3.0

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The EPC 3.0 is our most advanced EVSE Controller and your gateway to effortless Smart EV charging. 

It features all the protection mechanisms of the EPC 2.0 whilst adding OCPP 1.6j in an industry leading compact form. EPC 3.0 offers Smart charging functionality including load management, user access control and back-office integrations for remote scheduling and energy monitoring. 

The load management capabilities, which can be configured both locally and remotely, protect against overcurrent and optimise the power distribution in a multi-charge point system.  

The EPC 3.0 EVSE controller is the ideal technology solution for creating a smart EV charge point, whether for domestic or commercial applications. 

Datasheet available here

Summary of key features

  • IEC 61851-1 Mode 3 AC  
  • Mains input (207 - 257V @ 50 Hz AC) 
  • 35mm DIN rail mount module 
  • Supports 1 outlet; either Tethered Cable or Socket  
  • Solenoid or motor interlock drive for socket locking mechanisms 
  • Charging current configuration 
  • Status indicator; Integrated LED & external LED support 
  • RCM support for >6mA DC leakage 
  • PEN Loss detection 
  • ModBus over RS485 
  • Local & remote load management capabilities 
  • RFID access control support (local and remote configuration) 
  • Wi-Fi - allows for local config
  • OCPP 1.6j 
  • OTA (over the air) updates 
  • Overtemperature control (adjustable) 

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Regular price £250.00
Regular price Sale price £250.00