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SimplEV - 22KW EV Charge point

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SimplEV is a rugged and compact EV charge point engineered to be simplistic. It's designed primarily for domestic, light-commercial/industrial charging of Electric Vehicles. 

SimplEV retains the core functionality required to charge EV's safely without the added complication and cost of networked smart systems. It includes DC leakage protection as well as load balancing, allowing installation in a variety of different scenarios. 

Key Features

  • IEC 61851-1 Mode 3 fast charger
  • 5M Type 2 Tethered cable
  • 6mA DC integrated protection for DC leakage (RCM)
  • Available for 1-phase or 3-phase systems
  • 16A or 32A configuration (3.7kW to 22kW)
  • Supports adjustable current up to rated max
  • Front LED status indicators (ready, charge, Fault)
  • Compact and simple to install to a wall or post
  • Aluminium alloy enclosure suitable for outdoors
  • No app/timers - just plug in and charge
  • Load balancing (see quick start guide for information)
  • Manufactured in the UK


  • 167.5mm x 234.5mm x 100mm

      Manufacturer Part Number: S22-T2C-A1

      SimplEV can be configured to load balance in a range of different environments. This needs to be configured correctly by your installer during set up. 

      SimplEV must be installed by a qualified electrician, if you would like more information on which model of SimplEV is right for contact us!

      Please be advised these charge points are not available for purchase in England, Scotland or Wales, due to Government regulations as of 30/06/2022

      We are working on a charge point that will meet these regulations. If you would like more information or to register your interest please email us –

      SimplEV - Charging Made Simple
      Regular price £225.00
      Regular price £350.00 Sale price £225.00