WCED Fitted Consumer Unit IP65 - PME + 40A RCBO + Surge Protection

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The Surge Protection with PEN Fault Detection incorporates several important safety features for EV installations into one stand alone IP rated consumer unit. This easy-to-install, IP-rated consumer unit combines essential safety features for electric vehicle (EV) installations in one seamless package. With PEN Fault Detection, RCBO, and Surge Protection all encased in a durable plastic IP65 enclosure, you can rest assured that your EV charging setup is optimized for performance and compliance.

Our Surge Protection unit is meticulously designed to meet the 18th edition regulations, making it a reliable choice for charge point installations. Say goodbye to copper earth spikes, as this innovative solution allows the use of PME / TN-C-S earthing arrangements, saving time and effort during setup.

PEN Fault Detection functionality outlined below:

Automated monitoring of the supply voltage on both 230V & 240V. In the event of an under-voltage (<207V) or an overvoltage (>253V), Live, Neutral, and Earth will be isolated within 5 seconds, ensuring utmost safety.

The unit resets automatically after an under-voltage isolation when normal operating range is restored. For over-voltage isolation, the "REST" button on WVP32 can be pressed to reset the device, prioritizing safety.

Key Advantages

  • Near Silent Operation: Our Surge Protection operates with near-silent precision, eliminating annoying humming during charging sessions.

  • Bidirectional RCBO Included: The unit comes with a built-in 40A RCBO, providing reliable electrical protection for your charging setup.

  • Optional Type 2 Surge Protection: For enhanced safeguarding, consider adding the optional Type 2 Surge Protection to your unit.

  • Kwh Meter: Conveniently measure your EV charger's consumption, ensuring efficient energy management.

  • Load Balancing: Set the value of your house fuse to prevent overloading. This optional add-on ensures that your house fuse remains unaffected, shutting off the car charger if there isn't enough available capacity.

Ideal for Tesla Wall Connector Installations


  • Plastic IP65
  • All Options - 300mm x 250mm x 150mm
  • Without Surge - 210mm x 200mm x100mm
  • 25 and 32mm Circular cable entry knock-outs on top and bottom

Electrical Properties

  • Electric ratings: 40A
  • Standard - BSEN61439-3, BS 7671
  • Protection degree: IP65
  • Type 2 SPD (optional)
  • Pen Fault Detection - see datasheet for more details. 

Optional Extras (select from dropdowns) 

  • Kwh Meter
  • Load Balancing
  • Both

Manufactures Partcodes


WPEPME08/SP - with Surge Protection

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Available here in Metal IP40

WCED Fitted Consumer Unit IP65 - PME + 40A RCBO + Surge Protection
Regular price £88.00
Regular price Sale price £88.00