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Free/Socket EVSE Controller Kit (EPC and Socket)

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Our EPC 2.0 is the direct replacement for this product - Found Here

EVSE kit containing a Free EPC and a socket with a discount for buying these items together.

Available with a Solenoid or Motorised Locking System

Solenoid: Suitable for this socket, the EPC drives a solenoid with a simple 12V constant signal and the pin/lock releases on power off

Motorised: Suitable for this socket, the EPC uses motor-lock, motor-unlock signals to drive the lock & feedback implementation to ensure lock position. Note; the feedback has been designed for a 4 wire lock that is used in some of our charge points

Click here for a helpful link on YouTube 


Ecoharmony's EVSE Protocol Controller (EPC) is the intelligent part of the vCharge charging stations. It is the communication unit that enables Mode 3 charging in accordance with IEC 61851.

The EPCs leave the factory programmed ready for use/installation at the current rating selected at purchase. This is the maximum current advertised by the EPC. 

For further support on selecting and configuring the EPC check out this guide and download the manual.

Key details:

  • 35mm DIN rail mount
  • Dimensions:
    • Height: 90mm
    • Width: 36mm (2 modules)
    • Depth: 57mm
  • The front face is 53mm from the face of the DIN rail
  • The LED status indicator protrudes 2mm from the front face.

These are the same product that used to be available from Mainpine.

 Socket/Outlet IEC62196 (Type 2) supplied with tails/wires attached.

  • 4 Point Fixing
  • Hinged lid
  • Solenoid locking mechanism secures plug in socket
  • IP44 rated protection
  • Water Drain
  • Fitted with 3 Phase wiring, suitable for single phase also

Safe use

A suitably rated RCBO device must also be used to provide the correct level of protection whilst avoiding unnecessary tripping. 
Users of this product assume responsibility for the correct design and installation of their EVSE. Consult the Ecoharmony website or an electrical contractor if needed. EcoHarmony will not be held liable for injury to living creatures nor damage to property arising from incorrect use of this product.


Free/Socket EVSE Controller Kit (EPC and Socket)
Regular price £186.20
Regular price Sale price £186.20