Split Core CT Clamp - For use with Ecoharmony Supply Optimisation Products

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Split Core CT Clamp

This product is used in Ecoharmony products that use Supply Optimisation and Load Curtailment. In these products the Split Core CT is connected around the main house fuse and wired into the provided terminals on the Product.

Supply Optimisation

Supply optimisation is a feature available on the Classic 2.0 and EPC 2.0 plus.

It allows the EPC/charger to respond to changes in the demand from the house to ensure that the total house power draw doesn’t exceed the fuse limit. (if this happens it can be very expensive to get the DNO to repair it)

This is growing more of a key feature as more DNO’s are requesting forms of load balancing. It also would allow for chargers to be installed at properties that have smaller fuse sizes, however the car can still make use of the spare power, even if its only 10A.

Once this is set up the charge point reads the signal from the CT to tell it what is currently being used by the property. It then calculates the power that is available and offers it to the Car.

For example:

60A house fuse, Property is using 40A, EPC offers car 20A. Someone turns on the oven using 5A, the car is then downrated to 15A. It uses an average power reading over approximately 2 minutes to ensure the car isn’t being constantly up/downrated.

Load Curtailment 

Load curtailment is available on our range of EVSE connection Centres with WCED switch gear. This is similar to supply optimisation, however instead of downrating the charge point, it disconnects the charger. This ensures that the fuse isn't overloaded. 

Key Features

  • Works with EPC Plus, Classic 2.0 and EVSE connection Centres (WCED version)
  • 1m Tails
  • 100A/50mA


  • External Dimensions - 56mm x 32mm x 21mm
  • Internal Aperture - 13mm x 13mm

    Manufacturer Part Number: SCT01013-000

      Safe use 

      A suitable rated RCBO/RCD device may also be required in the final circuit to provide the correct level of protection whilst avoiding unnecessary tripping. Always consult wiring regulations or a electrical contractor to be sure. 
      Users of this product assume responsibility for the correct design and installation of their EVSE. Consult the Ecoharmony website or an electrical contractor if needed. Ecoharmony will not be held liable for injury to living creatures nor damage to property arising from incorrect use of this product.

      Split Core CT Clamp - For use with Ecoharmony Supply Optimisation Products
      Regular price £10.00
      Regular price Sale price £10.00