WCED 100A 2-Pole Isolator Switch

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Isolator switches are used in domestic installations, as well as in commercial and industrial electrical distribution systems; Equipment works to power down appliances or circuits to stop electricity running through it, ensuring maximum safety when you're testing or servicing appliances or electrical systems.

 Key Features

  • 2 pole (Single phase applications)
  • Rating: 100A 
  • 230/400 rated voltage
  • 10000 cycles electrical life
  • 10000 operations mechanical life
  • BS EN60947-3 compliant
  • CE approved 

Dimensions (2 Pole)

  • 87mm x 67mm x 56mm
  • Din 2 module widths

      Manufacturer Part Number: MCU2100 (100A)

        Safe use 

        A suitable rated RCBO/RCD device may also be required in the final circuit to provide the correct level of protection whilst avoiding unnecessary tripping. Always consult wiring regulations or a electrical contractor to be sure. 
        Users of this product assume responsibility for the correct design and installation of their EVSE. Consult the Ecoharmony website or an electrical contractor if needed. Ecoharmony will not be held liable for injury to living creatures nor damage to property arising from incorrect use of this product.

        WCED 2 POLE 100A Isolator Switch
        Regular price £7.40
        Regular price Sale price £7.40