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EV Charging Cable Type 2 Male to Type 2 Female 32A (3-Phase)

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Electric Vehicle  charging cable for coupling your electric vehicle with 3 phase enabled Charge Points installed at home, in the public domain or at work. 3 phase Charge Points are less common at home as they require a 3 phase power supply, standard domestic supply is single phase.
These portable cables can be kept in the boot, ensuring you can plug into Charge Points whilst away from home.
Current Rating
We supply 16 amp and 32 amp rated cable. Check the capability of your electric vehicle or talk to us to ensure the right cable is selected for your application. A 32 amp rated cable will generally future proof you should you change your electric vehicle.
Plug Type
Use this guide to help you decide which EV plug type is right for your application.
Key features

  • 3 Phase Cable
  • Rated up to 22kW
  • Hard wearing and rugged ('Run-over Proof')
  • Reliable and robust copper alloy contacts
  • Ergonomically designed PBT pistol-grip plugs
  • Cable Strain Relief
  • 10000 mating cycles
  • IEC 62196 compliant
  • CE compliant
  • IP44 rated protection
  • Operating voltage 240VAC

EV Charging Cable Carry Case (Option)
Our EV Charging Cable Carry Case is strong, durable and offers excellent protection for your Electric Vehicle charging cables. Made with a hard shell to keep your equipment secure, it is ideal for keeping the electric vehicle charging cable neat, tidy, protected and clean. The case is ergonomically designed and comes with a heavy duty handle for easy transportation. Finished in matte black in 600D. 

If ordered with one of our cables, we will place inside prior to shipping.

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Dust Caps can be found here

Compatible with all major car brands including:

Audi Etron, BMW i3, Hyundai, Jaguar, KIA, Ranger Rover, Renault, Mercedes Benz EQC, Mini Countryman, Nissan Leaf 2018, Porsche, Smart, Tesla, Toyota, Volkswagen, Volvo XC T8.

5 Metre EV Charging Cable Type 2 Male to Type 2 Female 32A 3-Phase
Regular price £105.00
Regular price Sale price £105.00