3 Phase PME + 40A RCBO + Surge (Multiple Chargers)

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The 3 Phase PEN Fault Detection + Surge Protection incorporates several important safety features for EV installations into one standalone, IP-rated consumer unit. This easy-to-install consumer unit combines essential safety features for electric vehicle (EV) installations in one package.

With PEN Fault Detection, RCBO, and Surge Protection all encased in a durable metal IP40 enclosure, you can rest assured that your EV charging setup is optimised for performance and compliance.

Main Functionality

  • Automatically monitors the supply voltage on 400V.
  • Completed with one 5-pole circuit breaker with built-in PME fault detection.
  • Following an under-voltage isolation, it will automatically reset when the normal operating range is restored.
  • Following an over-voltage isolation, on the grounds of safety, you will need to press the RED “RESET” button of WP9 to reset the device.

Available Options

  • 3x 40A RCBO - Protect 3x 3 phase charges
  • 2x 40A RCBO - Protect 2x 3 phase charges
  • 6x 40A RCBO - Protect 6x single phase charges

Key Advantages

  • RCBO Included: The unit comes with a 40A RCBO per charger, providing reliable electrical protection for your charging setup.
  • Type 2 Surge Protection: For enhanced safeguarding, Type 2 Surge Protection is included 
  • Ideal for Tesla Wall Connector Installations

Key Features

  • Suitable for EV (Electric Vehicle) chargers with integral DC leakage protection without PEN fault detection.
  • 3 Phase PEN Fault Detection.
  • 1x 40A RCBO per charger
  • Type 2 Surge Protection. 
  • Mains Isolation.


  • 3x RCBO version - 300mm x 500mm x 111m

Install Guide can be found here 

Electrical Properties

  • Rated Voltage - 400V
  • Operation - 207V-253V(4 Seconds) each phase
  • Rated current of RCBO - 40A
  • IP Rating - IP40
  • Surge Protection - Type 2 

Manufacturer's Part Codes

  • WMTP28-R40CSP
  • WMTP36-R40CSP

WARNING This product must be installed by a qualified electrician in accordance with IET Wiring Regulations BS 7671 (18th edition or later) and current Building Regulations.

Ensure the electrical supply is disconnected before installing or removing the cover of the unit.

Once installed, the unit has a live main supply (400V or higher) within the enclosure. The cover must not be removed until the supply to the unit has been isolated or disconnected.

Regular price £410.00
Regular price Sale price £410.00

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