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Omron I/O Slim Power Relay


£12.00 Inc. VAT

Omron I/O Slim Power Relay
Omron I/O Slim Power Relay Omron I/O Slim Power Relay


£12.00 Inc. VAT

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The slimline power relay from Omron can be used to change the continuity of a circuit. This can be used in many DIY projects to act as a switch to open/close different circuits.

One example would be to use this for a simple load balancing system between two EPC's. When one EPC is charging it closes the circuit with the resistor across IC - 0V on the other EPC. This would cause the 2nd EPC to be downrated to 16A and only offer 16A when a 2nd car is plugged in. 

The 2nd relay/resistor circuit works in the same way, opening a circuit across IC-0V for the 1st EPC. This would instruct the 1st EPC to lower the Max charge rate offered to Car 1. 

Using this method would ensure that the total power draw of the 2 EPC's never exceeds the 32A available power. 

The slim design makes this useful for projects with space constraints. 

Electrical Properties

  • Coil Voltage - 230V
  • Switching Current 6A
  • 1 Pole
  • Screw Terminals


  • 6.2mm x 78mm x 90mm
  • Din Mountable


Mfr. Code: G2RV-SR700 230VAC

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