RCBO + Surge Protection - Fitted Consumer Unit IP65

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Premium IP65 Plastic Enclosure with 32A or 40A RCBO + Surge Protection - Ideal for EV and Solar Installations

Enhance the safety and efficiency of your EV or solar installations with our top-of-the-line Consumer Unit fitted with a 32A or 40A RCBO and Surge Protection device (SPD). Designed to simplify installation and provide superior protection, this pre-populated enclosure houses key components for a seamless setup.

The plastic IP65 rated enclosure makes it perfect for outdoor installations. 

Key Features

32A or 40A RCBO: Choose from our range of RCBO options to meet your specific electrical requirements. The versatile design allows power input from either the top or bottom, catering to different installation setups.

Surge Protection Device: Safeguard your equipment against transient overvoltages with the integrated Type 2 SPD. Compliant with the 18th edition of BS7671 amendment 2, it ensures robust protection for your electrical system.

Ideal for EV Charger Installations: Perfectly suited for electric vehicle charger installations, our consumer unit provides a secure and reliable foundation for EV charging points.

Options for Solar Installations: Harness the power of the sun with additional options tailored for solar installations, ensuring your energy systems remain efficient and protected


  • Plastic IP65 - 167.5mm x 234.5mm x 100mm
  • 25 and 32mm Circular cable entry knock-outs on top and bottom

Electrical Properties

  • Electric ratings: 32A or 40A
  • Protection degree: IP65
  • Standard: IEC 60364/BS7671
  • Type 2 SPD 

Protect against transient Overvoltage's and meet the requirements of 18th edition of BS7671 amendment 2. 


Manufacturers Part codes




Always check with qualified installer for suitability and adherence of local wiring regulations
Upgrade your electrical installations with confidence using our reliable Consumer Unit fitted with RCBO and Surge Protection. The plastic IP65 enclosure ensures long-lasting outdoor durability, making it the ideal choice for various applications.
RCBO + Surge Protection - Fitted Consumer Unit IP65
Regular price £36.00
Regular price £40.00 Sale price £36.00