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6mA DC Residual Current Monitor - RCM14-01

Western Automation

£60.00 Inc. VAT

6mA DC Residual Current Monitor - RCM14-01

Western Automation

£60.00 Inc. VAT

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RCM14-01 is currently on a longer than expected lead time of 2-3 weeks

RCM20-01 is available from stock with a 20mm Aperture instead.

The RCM14-01 is a residual current monitor intended for the detection of DC residual currents at 6mA or greater in 50Hz/60Hz AC installations. The RCM14-01 is primarily intended for use in Mode 3 Electric Vehicle charging stations to disconnect the supply to the Electric Vehicle under a DC residual fault current condition. The RCM14-01 may also be used to detect DC residual currents in DC, single phase or multiphase installations. The RCM14-01 is a compact solution designed to be panel mounted. It has a JST connector for easy installation. This product is fully compliant with IEC62955

• Operates from a 12V DC supply  

• External Test Facility

• JST XH 2.5mm Pitch Connector JST:B4B-XH-A (LF)(SN)

• “Fault” signal output.

• LED Indication for “On” and “Fault”

• For use with single or 3 phase loads

• ROHS compliant

• Complies with the DC protection requirements of IEC62955 (Mode 3)

• 3000A Surge Current Withstand

• 14mm Aperture

Supply Conditions

The RCM14-01 is intended for operation with a supply voltage of 12V DC +/- 10%. Performance may be compromised if the supply voltage is outside these limits.

Fault Operation & Auto Reset

When a residual fault current that exceeds the rated DC level is detected, the RCM14-01 Output pin will switch to the “Fault” state within the specified response times. The Output pin will Auto-Reset when the fault is removed.


(Cable assembly available also) 

Pin 1: 0V DC

Pin 2: +12V DC

Pin 3: External Test Facility

Pin 4: Fault Signal Output (Active High Open Drain)