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Fitted Consumer Unit Metal 5 modules - IP65, RCD + MCB

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5 Module metal enclosure Fitted with Type A RCD + MCB , IP65 for Outdoor Application

The white metal enclosure is designed to be used to protect electrical components installed outdoors. It has a high degree of protection at IP65, making it applicable for outdoor mounting. The unit is supplied with internal terminal blocks for connection of neutral line and protective grounding wire.

Select the Electrical Protection you want included from the drop down menu. Supplied with a 2 Pole Type A RCD and your choice of 2 Pole MCB. 

It can house DIN rail mountable units up to 5 widths total. This could be used as part of a charge point installation, or if using our EPC's a functional charge point.  

Key Features

  • Up to 5 modules mountable
  • IP65 Rated
  • RCBO Reset and Viewing Window
  • Ideal for a tethered charging solution 


  • 167.5mm x 234.5mm x 100mm

Electrical Properties

  • Electric ratings: up to 63A, 230V, AC50/60Hz;
  • No. of mounted units: 5;
  • Allowable temperature-rise of enclosure: 40k;
  • Protection degree: IP65;
  • Standard: IEC 60364/BS7671
  • 20mm knockouts on all sides drillable to 32mm

Manufacturer Part Number: CFE5W

IP65 Metal enclosure treated for outdoor.

Always check with qualified installer for suitability and adherence of local wiring regulations.
IP65 Fitted Consumer Unit with RCD and MCB inside.
Regular price £40.00
Regular price Sale price £40.00