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Bituo Technik Type EV RCBO - RCBO+ 6mA, 30mA pulsating DC-sensitive + 6mA RCD-PD

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Bituo Technik Type EV RCBO, combines the functionality of a Type A RCBO, with that of a 6mA DC sensor. This enables a cost effective way to provide the 6mA DC protection in charge points that do not have this functionality built in. 

Type-EV RCBO is designed for EV charging systems to meet residual current protection requested by IEC 61851-1 & IEC 60364-7-722. Both AC 30mA (A Type) and 6 mA DC residual current protection is integrated in the device with compact design. It is globally one of the first and most cost effective type-EV RCBO (Type-A RCBO and RDC-PD complying with IEC 62955).

  • Increase the safety and help bring of existing Charge Point installations more inline with the new standards and specifications.
  • Easy-to-use: Installation alone can help EV chargers meet residual current protection requested by IEC 61851-1 & IEC 60364-7-722 without needing to change the controller design.
  • Space-saving: Compact design with 36mm width and 80mm length that saves 50% more space in installation.
  • Flexible wiring: Possible in feeding from both bottom and up terminals no matter it is installed in EV chargers or in distribution boards / consumer units.
  • Cost-saving: Significant cost-saving compared to type-B RCD while maintaining a high level of protection described by the IEC/EN standard for EV charging.
  • High-quality: Designed by reputable RCD experts and assembled at carefully selected partner with track records.
Main Features
  • 2 pole - DIN rail mount
  • Rating: 40A  (can be used with 32A charge point install*)
  • Sensitivity: 30mA (AC) + 6mA (Dc)
  • Test button
  • BS EN 61009
  • RoHS compliant
  • CE approved 

Dimensions (2 pole)

  • 70mmx35mmx80mm
  • Din 2 module widths
  • Current rating - 40A


Safe use 

A suitable rated RCBO/RCD device may also be required in the final circuit to provide the correct level of protection whilst avoiding unnecessary tripping. Always consult wiring regulations or a electrical contractor to be sure. 
Users of this product assume responsibility for the correct design and installation of their EVSE. Consult the Ecoharmony website or an electrical contractor if needed. Ecoharmony will not be held liable for injury to living creatures nor damage to property arising from incorrect use of this product.

*check with qualified installer and EV car manufacturers guidelines. 

Bitvo Technik Type EV RCBO Bituo Technik Type EV RCBO - RCBO+ 6mA, 30mA pulsating DC-sensitive + 6mA RCD-PD
Regular price £71.00
Regular price Sale price £71.00