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EV Reel - Cable Storage

EV Reel

£75.00 Inc. VAT

EV Reel - Cable Storage
EV Reel - Cable Storage EV Reel - Cable Storage EV Reel - Cable Storage EV Reel - Cable Storage EV Reel - Cable Storage EV Reel - Cable Storage

EV Reel

£75.00 Inc. VAT

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The Ultimate Storage Solution for your EV cable

  • No more dirty hands
  • No more hassle with a loose EV cable
  • No knots or kinking in the cable
  • Space saving, useful and attractive design
  • Upgrade to existing EV Cable bags

Electric driving is good for the environment, but a lot of users find using the EV cable cumbersome and unhygienic. The EV cable reel for electric cars simplifies charging, offers fantastic ease of use and eliminates frustrations.

The EV cable reel is made from durable material that meets all strict European guidelines. The streamlined design of the cable reel is not only appealing to look at but is also extremely functional. Watch the videos for a demonstration on how to use the EV cable reel and discover its ingenious features!

All charging cables up to 7 meters fit on the EV cable reel. The only requirement is that the plug on the side of the charging point, must be of a type 2.

Find out more details about cable lengths here - https://www.evreel.com/evreel.php

EV Reel cable reel features:


An ergonomic handle providing excellent grip when winding and unwinding the cable


  • Prevents the reel from spinning when plugging into and out of the EV plug head


  • A handy place to store your charge card


  • Collects the plug when winding up the cable


  • The reel saves space: the base station prevents the reel from sliding and is held in place with Velcro


  • Cable guide: by tilting the EV cable reel, the cable falls onto the body of the drum and rolls itself up easily