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Chint 63A 4Pole (3 phase + Neutral) 30mA, Type B 10KA RCD


£258.00 Inc. VAT

Chint 63A 4Pole (3 phase + Neutral) 30mA, Type B 10KA RCD


£258.00 Inc. VAT

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Type B RCDs provide protection against DC Residual Fault Currents.

Type B RCDs are used where DC residual currents can occur, for example, Electric Vehicle Charging, three phase rectified supplies, micro generation or SSEGs (Small Scale Electricity Generators) such as solar panels and wind generators.


Control electric circuits.
Protect people against indirect contacts and additional protection against direct contacts.
Protect installations against fire hazard due to insulation faults.
Residual current circuit breakers are used in housing, tertiary sector and industry.


Detectable wave form

B class
Tripping is ensured for sinusoidal AC residual currents, pulsed DC residual currents, alternating residual currents up to 1000Hz, pulsating direct residual currents and for smooth direct residual currents, whether applied suddenly or increasing slowly.

Tripping sensitivity
30mA - additional protection against direct contact.

Tripping time
No built in time delay 

Approvals and certificates

Add-on devices
AX-5 auxiliary contacts
TC-1 terminal cover

Safe use 

A suitably rated RCBO/MCB device must also be used to provide the correct level of over current protection whilst avoiding unnecessary tripping. 
Users of this product assume responsibility for the correct design and installation of their EVSE. Consult the Viridian EV website or an electrical contractor if needed. Neither ecoHarmony or Viridian EV will be held liable for injury to living creatures nor damage to property arising from incorrect use of this product.