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EVSE Connection Centre with PEN Loss detection - IP65

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We have a limited number of our EVSE connection centres available. These are offered without warranty however will be tested before they are dispatched. 

These will work with load curtailment using a split core CT (sold separately) product can be found here

A similar product that provides PME protection, RCBO and Surge can be found here

The EVSE Connection Centre takes a key safety feature, PEN loss protection, originally developed for EPC 2.0 and incorporates it into a stand alone easy to install IP rated consumer unit.

It removes the requirement for a copper earth spike to be installed and meets the minimum requirements in BS 7671: 2018 amendment 1, 722.411.4.1 

Key Advantages

  • No earth spike required - allows use of PME / TN-C-S earthing arrangements for charge point installations
  • Solar/micro generation – designed with micro generation in mind, avoids nuisance tripping for properties with Solar generation.
  • Near Silent Operation – No annoying humming during operation
  • Current Monitoring – Additional safety feature monitoring current as standard.
  • Available in IP30 or IP65 rated consumer units – allows flexibility in placement of EVSE connection Centre.
  • Flexibility on internal Electrical protection. – allows configuration based on each installation
  • Configurable with 6mA DC detection. – Bring older charge points up to 18th Edition compliance

It is available in metal IP30 or IP65 rated consumer units and can be configured with appropriate internal electrical protection to allow charge points installations to comply with 18th edition regulations.

These are featured on Artisan Electrics YouTube Channel - See Here

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EVSE Connection Centre with PEN Loss detection - IP65
Regular price £205.00
Regular price Sale price £205.00